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Short Biography
Diplom-Ökonom Klaus Hagendorf

Personal Data:

Klaus Hagendorf
born 4th January 1955 in Peine,
Federal Republic of Germany
divorced, one child

School education:

1962 - 1966

Primary school (Bodenstedt Schule Peine)

1966 - 1971

High school (Ratsgymnasium Peine)

1971 - 1974

Boarding school (Jugenddorf-Christophorus-Schule Elze)

May 1974

A-levels (Abitur)

Military service:

Oct. 1974 - Sep. 1976

Compulsory military service (2 years), Sergeant (Unteroffizier)

University studies:

Oct. 1976 - Sep. 1983

Studies of economics at University of Hanover

Oct. 79 - July 80

Studies of economics at University College London

Sep. 83

B.Sc. Economics (Dipl.-Ökonom)


'Economic Consequences of Military Expenditure'

Vocational training and occupations:

Oct. 1983 - Dec. 1986

Self-employed; word-processing and programming, advisor on personal computing in West Berlin


Teaching in an orientation course for office work for unemployed women in West Berlin

Feb. 1987 - Sep. 1987

Efforts to continue the business in Montpellier/ France.

Jan. 1988 - Oct. 1988

Vocational training as mainframe programmer at Control Data Institute Hanover

Nov. 1988 - June 1992

Programmer with KRAVAG Insurance Company, Hamburg

Language skills:

English, French, German, Dutch (passive)

Persecutions and refuge times:

Summer 1983

Working at the thesis in West Berlin at the library " Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz " and the Berlin universities; police disturbed work, police efforts to prevent me finishing the thesis.

1983 - 1986

Residing in Berlin; several attempts to continue research in economics were sabotaged by car accidents etc.

Summer 1984

Contacts to Hochschule für Ökonomie in East Berlin, GDR to continue research in economics.

End of 1985

Met Riitta Johannson in West Berlin.

1985 - 1986

Visits with visas to East Berlin and the GDR.

April 86

Attacked by secret service agents in West Berlin, Kurfürstendam, beaten up and heavily injured at the head.

May 86

Operated at the left ear at Polyclinic Charlottenburg, West Berlin.

June 86

Riitta became pregnant, decision to get married in Montpellier/France and to live there. 13.6.86 engaged (the 37th anniversary of my brother Reinhard)

Summer 86

Several visits to East Germany (GDR), Sachsenhausen, Leipzig, Baltic Sea, Wittenberg, Potsdam etc.

August 86

Visit to France. Wedding in Montpellier, witness is a French friend, met first in West Berlin in 1985

December 86

Visit to Finland.

February 87

Moved from Berlin to Montpellier, application for residence permit, rented a holiday apartment.

March 87

Rosa was born in the Maternité (hospital) Montpellier; authorities refused to give her French nationality.

February /May 87

Many efforts to get administrative problems resolved; often ridiculed by French authorities.

May 87

After taking part in a course on creating a company the authorities were obliged to issue a residence permit. A higher person of the regional administration drives into my car.

Riitta insisted to give Rosa the Finnish nationality, refused to contribute her money to pay for long-term accommodation. At that time she was probably under the mental control of French authorities. There exist other opinions, for example that she never wanted to live in France for a longer time. Certainly some of my own relatives did not want me to live in France. Riitta as an agent of the Finnish foreign ministry!) obviously had also this intention, contrary to her previous agreement with me.

A day before the residence permit should have been issued, Riitta provoked a conflict and became hysteric, probably also because of French psychological terror. The French police tried to interfere with the intention to create more stress and to use the incidence to withhold the residence permit. I was systematically chased in Montpellier by French authorities and agents.

17 May 87

The police arranged to fly Riitta and Rosa to Finland. Riitta and Rosa were virtually kidnapped out of our apartment. I was ridiculed by the police and I was threatened to be locked up in a mental hospital. When that failed, I was forcefully kept in custody and terrorized in a police barracks in Palavas by several police men.

Petition to the European Parliament to be rendered justice. Afterwards, under extreme difficulties rent of a long-term apartment, but psychological terror continued.

The police officer responsible for the affair committed suicide (article in Le Monde).

July 87

Return to Germany to collect more belongings. On the way to the German frontier provocations by French police near Besançon, psychologically terrorized.

At the German border ridiculed by German custom agents. Systematic police control on my way to Peine. After arrival in Peine, went to the police station to ask for an explanation for the persecutions in France. Knowing the French anti-Nazi attitudes and having observed several provocations relating to the Klaus Barbie-process - the last time near Besançon by French police - asked if there where any connections between the difficulties experienced and the process. The policeman used the stressed situation and kept me in the police station. The local psychiatrist, Dr. Dobbek was called. The policeman lied to him, telling him I had some hallucinations. The doctor was surprised but still gave the order to keep me in custody in a mental hospital (Königslutter/ Braunschweig), where my brother is kept for a long time.

Oct. 87 - Nov. 88

Forced into this helpless situation, drugged even before being able to see a lawyer the only help came from a British friend. Because of the difficult situation decision to stay in Germany and to investigate into the affair. Only 4 months and after the apartment in Montpellier had been given up (I went myself to Montpellier with a student organized by the social workers of the hospital) allowed to leave the hospital to be moved to Hanover to a rehabilitation place. With the help of the social service against the intentions of my mother able to rent a flat. Taken up a course on programming.

Dec. 87

A visit to Finland (still under drugs).

Oct. 88 - 1992

Massive psycho-terror by German police agents.


Riitta demanded divorce.

May 1989

My cousin Beate died with her Spanish friend in a car accident.

Visit to Finland. Massive psycho-terror by German police and in Helsinki by secret service.

June 89

Divorced by the court in Porvoo/Finland without my participation.

Oct. 90

At the time of German unification attempt to arrest me in Hamburg.

Beginning 1991

Reactivation of the petition 152/87 to the European Parliament, followed by a drug attack and attempted murder by secret service agents (who's names are known!). Complaints to the prosecutor and the prime minister of Hamburg, Dr. Henning Voscherau (SPD) without any official responses.

Beginning 92

Employment contract with KRAVAG Hamburg was terminated. Court case and efforts to get me out of the apartment in Hamburg with a court case.

May 1992

Contacts to the French General Consulate in Hamburg and demand of an official report on the events in 1987 in Montpellier.

German foreign minister Hans Dietrich Genscher resigned.

Persecuted by German secret service, rescued by escaping to France to recover from drug attacks and to force French authorities to face the issues. The French secret service interfered. The authorities continued trying to cover up the affair.

June 1992 - Nov. 1992

Rescued to London. German lawyers Rüter and Michael Günther, both Hamburg, refused to defend my rights at the court Hamburg about the apartment. Contacted several embassies in London and asked for help. Contacted also Amnesty International but did not receive legal assistance. I still wrote to the court in Hamburg to send the mail to Amnesty International in London and I informed Amnesty about my addresses when I went to New Zealand and later on to France. Amnesty gave wrong information (and only by telephone call to the German authorities in Hamburg) who tried to mess up the court procedures.

Nov. 92

Visit to New Zealand. Attempt to take up work. Application for political asylum. Authorities refused social security payments. There as well as before in London were efforts (Deutsche Bank) to ruin me financially. In Auckland again contacts to Amnesty International but without receiving legal assistance.

Feb. 93 - Sep. 93

Return to Paris with the intention to resolve the issues of 1987 and the petition. Serious attacks and psychological torture by French secret service and police. At the French refugee organization O.F.P.R.A. application for political asylum. A copy of the application was sent to the German news magazine 'Der Spiegel'. Again contacts to Amnesty International France without receiving legal assistance. Letter to the French president F. Mitterand and chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl asking them to resolve the issues. At the same time the German court in Hamburg in the case about the apartment published in the German official journal 'Bundesanzeiger' that my address would be not known! Attempts to meet French lawyers were undermined by French police. First proper contacts to the Communist party. After I had sent a letter to my mother the German military secret service interfered writing letters to me at the party bureau.

Oct. 1983

After being refused at a social residence after the 'fete de l'Humanité' departure to London and Stockholm. Unsuccessful demands to meet representatives of the social-democratic party to discuss how to proceed. Wen I was rejected I applied for political refugee status. I was arrested and flown back to Hamburg.

Against court decisions members of 'Hamburger Wirtschafts- and Finanzverwaltung' had broken into my apartment changed the lock, stolen kitchen equipment and copied documents. Police tried to prevent me entering my apartment. The lawyer Michael Günther refused to give assistance. Complaints to the prosecutor remained unanswered.

Oct. 1993 - Oct. 1994

Efforts to resolve the conflicts in Peine. My mother called the police and tried to prevent me staying in Peine.

May 1994

Visit to Stockholm. Intention to visit Rosa in Finland but attacked in Stockholm, arm operation in hospital.

July 1994

Again visit to Stockholm and Finland. Obstacles to see Rosa.

Sep. 1994

German court in Peine in a process with Deutsche Bank forced me to be examined by psychiatrist Dr. Dobbek. He made a report in which he was not even able to describe my studies properly. He implicitly questioned the legality of the termination of the employment contract with the KRAVAG in Hamburg. A case at the employment court in Hamburg against the KRAVAG is still unresolved.

Visit to Paris to the 'fête de l'Humanité'.

Oct. 1994

After return from Paris our house was sold by my mother. Short stay with my uncle in Sulingen.

Since Nov. 94

Work to create EURODOS - Socialist Documentation Centre for Europe - in Amsterdam. Efforts to cooperate with the Socialist Party, the New Communist Party, the SAP as well as Groenlinks were ignored. Work on a project already started in Germany in support of the OSCE and development of a database program for research and documentation.

March 1995

Money sent by my uncle was stolen. Massively threatened by the person who had rented a room to me in van Hallstraat. Help from some black neighbours who offered another room near by.

May 95

The GAK (unemployment benefit service) canceled payments of unemployment benefits. When almost finished a database programming task very strong psychological terror and deliberate creation of conflict between me and the black friend. The police tried to prevent me finishing the programming.

June 95

Efforts to prevent me traveling to The Hague to contact embassies for help. After contacts to Amnesty International the same day my room was broken into. Because of psycho-terror I was thrown out of the room by the black friend who had even beaten me. There where efforts by the Dutch police to separate me from my documents. I stayed on the street for several days and slept in the forest always terrorised by Dutch nationalists; police and racist blacks who misunderstood the complaint at the police station against the violations which had occurred when I was thrown out of the room. After a week with almost no food and no shelter help from squatters. Some of them continued ridiculing me. Rescued the documents by taking them to the Socialist party office in Amsterdam. The SP still holds back some of the documents at the moment.

since June 1995

Homeless. With the help of some friendly squatters and others able to buy a little tourist boat on which I live without drinking water and electricity under appalling hygienic conditions. Received help from Groenlinks where I was often able to eat and the international secretary helped in the project in favour of the OSCE.

Dec. - Jan. 95/96

My aunt died of a heart attack in a hospital in Bremen.

Feb. 96

Visit to the PDS head office in Berlin. Demands to receive legal assistance ignored.

Summer 1996

Regular demonstrations at the Rijksmuseum for my rights. Several times ridiculed and arrested by Dutch police. With the collected money purchase of a new computer.

since 1997

Work with my own computer in Institute for East European countries of the UvA (University of Amsterdam) where I am granted a table in the library. Exposed to strong mental manipulations (sublimited conditioning of consciousness) - no privacy, letters get stolen, documents forged; work sabotaged - but kindly treated by the staff still success to create the EURODOS Home page and some programming.

Efforts to resolve the legal issues at the courts with the help of a socialist lawyer are prevented by the police as well as the PDS and others. Demands at the German PDS to receive legal assistance rejected.

Efforts to create a workshop in economics and to continue research in economics.

9/10 January 1999

Arrested by police and kept over night in custody in police station Anne Frankstraat. In the following week former chancellor Kohl visited the Netherlands and received very high honours.

15 January 1999

Deliberate bicycle accident. Someone drives with his bicycle into my bicycle. Some light injuries.

May 99

Demonstration with communists against the war against Yugoslavia.

A week later demonstrating as usual at the Rijksmuseum. Arrested by police at the last day of Roman Herzog as Bundespraesident, kept in custody for 5 days and expelled from the Netherlands before I was able to see the lawyer I had asked for and without any court decision. A lawyer nominated by the police withdraws an appeal she had made. Visit to my uncle in Sulingen, and Hanover. Complaints to the German chancellor Schröder, and Dutch prime minister Wim Kok. Contacts to Groenlinks.

Traveled to Paris to contact and support the PCF for the elections to the European Parliament. The German PDS receives about 6 % and is represented for the first time in the European Parliament.

July 99

Contacts with the lawyer in Amsterdam and finally I receive a copy of the (withdrawn) appeal. Return to Amsterdam. Complaint to the Prime Minister and demand to go ahead with the appeal. The lawyer refused and I was arrested again. This time I received the help of another lawyer to whom I showed the letter to the Prime Minister. This made him understand and he made a demand for compensation which I have received by now. At the same time the lawyer refused to help me with the other problems!

Civil servant from the Ministry of Justice writes very hostile letter. Again complaint with the Prime Minister with the demand to inform the German chancellor Schröder, president Johannes Rau and foreign minister Joschka Fischer about the issues. Demand to the Court for more compensation payments refused and delegated to the Ministry of Justice.

December 99

In the meantime former chancellor Kohl is accused of having violated in a criminal way against the constitution and having build up a secret service for his conservative party with secret accounts with which he had paid his agents. He is threatened with custody if he refuses to name the donators of the money.

At the same time continuing efforts by the French secret service to suppress me.

December 99

Application for membership with the Parti Communiste français. Letter to the Secretary General Robert Hue.

January 2000

Letters to the German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, president Johannes Rau and foreign minister Joschka Fischer about the issues. Days afterwards copies of letters get forged, copy of the letter to the German president stolen. Until now none of the letters has been answered.

March 2000

Letter with 'avis de reception' to another cousin of mine with a CD with my documents.
Otto Schily, minister of the interior (SPD) since 1998, whom I had asked for help in 1994 expresses to want to retire from politics at the end of the parliamentary period.
The 'avis de reception' has not been received yet.
Success with collection box for the subscription of 'Neues Deutschland' at the UvA. Students at first steal money and attempts to ridicule me but after some delay the first newspaper delivered.

16th March 2000

Attempt to bring old newspapers to the squatters (social democrats) cultural centre Zaal 100, Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam. Being beaten up and keys were 'lost'. Afterwards police refused to make a report. Only after insisting being arrested a report was made. The policeman tried to avoid to mention even the name of the Zall 100.
I still continue to deliver the 'Neues Deutschland' to the Zall 100.

Amsterdam, 24th March 2000

Klaus Hagendorf

Copyright © 1998, 2000 Klaus Hagendorf, Amsterdam