Heinz Keßler - Fritz Streletz
NATO War Crimes

Berlin: SPOTLESS-Verlag, 2000; Spotless-Series No. 121
ISBN 3-933544-29-7
Price: 5,10 euro

Heinz Keßler and Fritz Streletz were generals of the National Peoples Army (Nationale Volksarmee, NVA) of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). They served almost 40 years in the NVA which had NATO as its enemy and potential opponent. Both authors, in their function as generals had to study the system, the strategie and methods of NATO. The investigation on the NATO attack proofs the experience of the authors and their competence to evaluate the theme "war" and the character of the attack against Yugoslavia.

They worked on this text together with a "team" of which Rainer Rupp was a member too, former employee of NATO and agent for the GDR. Probably because of the context of secret service activities there appeared some flaws in the publication. Nevertheless this publication is more than only a political pamphlet.

Courts of the Federal Republic of Germany had sentenced the authors by disputed decisions to serious jail penalties which they have already served. The investigation of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia is therefore also a moral accusation against the German legal authorities.

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